Penguin Finance

iPEFI Nest (Staking)

Single-asset staking with no risk of impermanent loss and access to exclusive dApps.
Stake your PEFI for iPEFI and maximize your yield. No Impermanent Loss.

What is the iPEFI Nest?

iPEFI is an ARC20 token that is always exchangeable for PEFI. When you stake your PEFI into the nest, you effectively exchange your PEFI for iPEFI. The iPEFI Nest is the main staking mechanism on the Penguin Finance ecosystem. Over time, you’ll earn PEFI by HODLing iPEFI tokens and will also gain access to exclusive dApps inside of the ecosystem.
Once you bought iPEFI with PEFI, the value of your tokens will appreciate against PEFI over time. This is because a percentage of the Liquidity and Staking allocation is sent to the nest every day. Fees collected in other dApps are also distributed among iPEFI holders. Additionally, Paper Hand Penalties are collected from paper-handed polar bears and distributed to the Nest, significantly increasing APY.
Check out our How to Use the Nest step-by-step guide to get started with staking.

Why would you stake PEFI over farming/auto-compounding?

Yield-farming provides attractive returns at the cost of being subject to impermanent loss. For example, if you're farming with AVAX-PEFI, you might lose out on potential gains if PEFI goes up and AVAX stays still. Farming in our Igloos is attractive because the rewards on these pools can appear big, but it comes with added risk.
Instead, you may stake your PEFI tokens to iPEFI, which has no impermanent loss (IL) and maximizes your profits when PEFI tokens go up. Rewards compound automatically, and you don't need to do anything once you've exchanged your PEFI for iPEFI.

dApp Exclusivity

Our Nest-exclusive dApps require users to use iPEFI for our platform, effectively making it a valuable token to hold as an investor. So not only are you collecting fees from these applications just by being an iPEFI holder, you’re getting access to the entirety of our ecosystem.
Some of the applications that require iPEFI include:
Penguin Emperor. The bidding system of this entertaining king of the hill dApp requires iPEFI.
Penguin Launchpad. Every tier of our upcoming IDO platform requires you to hold a certain amount of iPEFI, not regular PEFI, to participate in token sales.
Club Penguin. Our upcoming initiative to earn new tokens and help projects gain recognition in Avalanche requires Penguins to stake iPEFI.

Paper Hands Penalty

To receive the rewards, Penguins commit to locking their $PEFI token inside the Penguin Nests, which will generate a passive stream of income and magnify the APY of all our Penguins. There is a 6% Paper Hands Penalty over the total withdrawn amount to protect our long-term investors and reward them with more PEFI. Over time, your balance will surpass this initial 6% fee as the PHP is being distributed among all iPEFI holders, and you're being rewarded exponentially the longer you stay in the Nest.
100% of all penalties are redistributed among iPEFI holders, increasing token value and rewarding long-term investors.