Penguin Launchpad (IDO Platform)
Fair token distribution for new projects launching on Avalanche

What is a Launchpad?

A launchpad platform allows new projects to fairly distribute their token to as wide an audience as possible. It is also an opportunity for investors to be financially involved in the earliest stages of a project. This means that projects are able to secure funding so they can focus on building value through their tokens and products.
At Penguin, we have developed a launchpad that gives new projects access to our loyal community of Penguins. This gives new projects added exposure and a chance to kickstart their own community.
Many launchpads today require KYC and only offer large allocations for developers and advisors - meaning that the token supply ends up in the hands of a few individuals. Having a centralized token distribution just means that smaller investors have no say in the future of a project they are invested in.
Our goal at Penguin is to make sure that tokens are distributed to as many investors as possible.

How did Penguin create the best Launchpad in Avalanche?

Instead of basing our Launchpad on a new token with no utility or inherent value, we’ve decided to utilize iPEFI to ensure that no centralized entity can manipulate the token offering for their own interests.
iPEFI is the token that represents staked $PEFI, which is a product of a fair launch and is famed for being one of the most decentralized tokens within the Avalanche Ecosystem.
What's more? By participating in our launchpad, you will receive an NFT that will have utility in our Penguin ecosystem
Read everything you need to know about iPEFI here.

How can I participate as an investor?

To qualify for an allocation, you will need to hold a certain amount of iPEFI. This amount will be adjusted for each offering due to the fluctuating price of PEFI. We will have several tiers determined by the amount of iPEFI held, with higher tiers offering a further discounted price with bonus allocations.
Remember, the more iPEFI you hold, the more allocations you will receive.
Allocations must be purchased with additional PEFI
The launchpad is just one of the dApps you can use your iPEFI for - follow our guide in getting iPEFI.

What is an allocation (AP)?

An allocation refers to a share of all tokens to be distributed. The number of tokens you can acquire will depend on the number of allocations you’ve earned.
For example: if there are 100 total allocations and you have 5 allocations, you’ll be able to acquire up to 5% of all tokens distributed through the Launchpad.

The Launchpad Process

1. Tier Announcement

    We will announce the amount of iPEFI required for each tier so everyone can prepare. This amount changes on each Launchpad event so it's important to read the documentation prior to staking.

2. Staking Phase

    You will stake your iPEFI in the launchpad to guarantee your allocation(s).
Your iPEFI will be locked for the remainder of the event (14 days).
The exact token per allocation can only be determined at the end of the Staking Phase, as it will depend on the number of iPEFI staked.
There is no need to unstake from the iPEFI Nest in order to participate.
Your iPEFI continues to earn interest when it is staked in the Launchpad!

3. Distribution Phase

    You can purchase your token allocation at the exchange rate of your tier using additional PEFI.
Once the event is over, we’ll re-distribute any tokens that didn’t sell through our Club Penguin staking dApp, giveaways, and/or special Igloo events.

What happens to the PEFI used to purchase the token?

The PEFI earned from the launchpad will be sent back to our treasury to cover the cost of acquiring the tokens in the first place.

New Projects launching on Avalanche

If you are a new project looking to distribute your token in the fairest way possible and raise the initial funds for further development, please reach out to us here.
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