Penguin Finance

Penguin Emperor (King of the Hill)

What is the Penguin Emperor?

The Penguin Emperor is an iPEFI-exclusive king of the hill style betting dApp where users can show their might by placing themselves on the throne for all other penguins to see. By choosing their name and giving a color and style to their Penguin, every user has the ability to demonstrate their skill and uniqueness in this game of wits. When you sit on the throne, your Penguin starts accumulating time as Emperor. At the end of the competition, whoever has sat on the Throne for the longest amount of time will be victorious!
To participate, you'll need iPEFI in order to bid and accumulate time on the throne. Depending on the game mode, the minimum and maximum bid of the game changes, as well as the time the event runs. Multiple different game modes exist, including Blitz, Marathon, and Standard (limited-time events also exist). At the end of a round, the top penguins share a prize pool collected by our fee mechanism explained below.

Fee Mechanism

Every time a penguin bids to overtake the throne, there is a 3% fee on the transaction. The jackpot pool is generated from a part of the fee (66%) collected from people playing, while another portion of the fees (33%) is sent to the nests as a reward for all the penguins staking in the nests! When a Penguin loses his/her place on the throne by getting outbid, 1% of their bet is distributed to the nests, and 2% is added to the jackpot pool! This means that even if you lose your place on the throne, you will get 97% of your iPEFI back, with 1% of rewards being distributed to the users of the nest, including yourself! This creates a positive loop for nest users and rewards them by providing them with a dApp to collect fees from, as they are our most committed supporters.