Penguin Compounder (Auto-Compounding)
Auto-compounding with low fees, high APYs, and rewards for pool creators.

What makes the Penguin Compounder different?

The Penguin Compounder has the lowest fees on the network, which means a higher portion of rewards are re-invested when compared to other platforms. Since fees are the lowest, our APYs are the highest on Avalanche! Your rewards are re-invested 2–3 times a day, ensuring that all profits you receive are compounded as frequently as possible.
This is all done while also taking into consideration the pool creators from other Avalanche projects. By compounding your yield in the Penguin Compounder, you are supporting the developers of your favorite farms.

Current Farms

Here is a list of every farm currently introduced to the Penguin Compounder. More farms will be added eventually.
    All PEFI Igloos
    Pangolin AVAX/PNG
    Pangolin AVAX/ETH
    Pangolin AVAX/LINK
    Gondola ETH/ZETH
    Gondola USDT/ZUSDT
    Lydia AVAX/ETH
    Lydia LYD/USDT
    Lydia LYD/PNG
    Olive DAI/USDT

Lowest Fees on Avalanche

The Penguin Compounder has fees that reward both pool creators and $xPEFI holders. The established fee for all pools is 4.8% over rewards, significantly lower than any other auto-compounder on Avalanche. By keeping fees low, more of your rewards are reinvest and therefore you will enjoy a significantly higher APY.

Pool Creator Rewards

A staple of our auto-compounding platform is it’s unique fee allocation towards pool creators. If opted by the project’s respective developer team, farms listed on the Penguin Compounder protocol will have 1% of all rewards directed towards the developers of the respective pools. We want to help out other projects in the space by giving them a share of the pie, encouraging builders to grow and expand their influence on the Avalanche network.
Since they’re benefitting from the Penguin Compounder, this will also encourage creators to promote our platform and in turn grow the PeFi ecosystem!


As a mechanism to offset some of the sell pressure that comes as a result of auto-compounding, 2% of all rewards are sent to our iPEFI Nest. By allocating 41% of the fees to the Penguin Nests, less PEFI is in circulation and more users will be incentivized to HODL iPEFI.
Since our inception, we’ve been constantly developing new dApps to reward our HODLers and provide utility to the platform.
Nest rewards collected from none igloo pools will be used to market buy PEFI and then send it to the Nest, this means that as the Compounder grows, iPEFI holders receive an even higher APY.


The remaining 1.8% fee is allocated to the development of the PeFi ecosystem, as well as paying for gas fees for our reinvest bot, which is in charge of constantly re-investing all rewards in the protocol. Because we have a bot taking care of reinvesting, no rewards are allocated to re-investors as there is no need for a reinvest button.

How to start compounding?

If you are farming in our Igloos, you’ll need to withdraw your LP tokens and then re-deposit them in the compounder contracts to get access to the exclusive perks granted by this dApp.
To deposit your LP tokens into the compounder, unlock your wallet and click on the deposit button for your preferred farm. A transaction to approve the contract will take place, and once confirmed it’ll never appear again for the respective pool. Afterwards, you can open the deposit window and stake as many LP tokens as you want.
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