Penguin Finance

Penguin Arena (Gaming dApp)

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience?
If you were already excited about the products we have built for our Penguins, wait until you hear about the Penguin Arena.

What is the Arena?

The Penguin Arena will be a natively-built gaming dApp, made up of a series of mini-games that anyone can play. At Penguin, we are proud to have built a fully-fledged ecosystem and soon, our Arena will unlock an entire universe of possibilities.
The Arena will serve as the beating heart of the Penguin ecosystem. It will be a place where all Penguins can take part and have the chance to battle it out with their peers to be crowned the ultimate Penguin Gladiator.
It will be ground-breaking, marking the first interactive NFT gambling game ever built on Avalanche. By incorporating programmatically, randomly generated Penguin NFTs in a PvP gaming dApp, we plan to make history.
Do you work better in a team? No problem, there will be games where you can join forces with your Penguin clan in order to work together to win the jackpot.
Our goal is to create a unique and fun experience that also gives Penguins the chance of winning some PEFI rewards. What's more, fees collected from the Arena will be sent to the Nest, rewarding all iPEFI holders.
All our Penguin NFT Collectibles will also have utility within the arena
If you think you have what it takes, make sure to prepare by staking your PEFI in the Nest to get a head start! The staking guide can be found here.

How can I play?

The Arena is currently under construction and details are yet to be confirmed. But it's safe to say that you will need to hold iPEFI.

When will the Arena be ready?

The team is currently hard at work with the early stages of development.
In order to securely and fairly determine the winners within the Penguin Arena game, we need access to a secure random number generator (RNG) that any user could independently audit. To achieve this, Penguin will be integrating Chainlink's VRF - the industry's gold standard for securing gaming dApps.
Read our Medium article to find out how Chainlink VRF works.
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