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Igloo V2 Migration Guide (If you participated in Igloos V1)

The Igloos V2 farms are finally here and you can’t wait to migrate your LP to start earning those juicy triple rewards.
The migration process from V1 will depend on the Igloo (LP pair) you are migrating, we will detail the exact steps you need to take below.
IF YOU ARE MIGRATING PEFI/PNG, PEFI/SNOB, or PEFI/AVAX, refer to the section near the end of the article. For these 2 LP pools, you don’t need to convert, only withdraw and deposit.

Step 1

Go to and head over to the “Old (Igloos V1) section.

Step 2

Select the pool you want to Migrate and click on the “Migrate” button.
All of your LP and pending harvest will be withdrawn with no fees whatsoever. You can now proceed to convert it to the new .e tokens over at Pangolin.
We’ve got a juicy trick for the sleekest of Penguins. During the migration process, old bridge tokens like the ones used for Igloos 1.0 are actually worth more than their new token equivalent.
Although the Avalanche Bridge will allow you to swap 1:1 ETH/ETH.e, you may be able to get an even better price if swapping on Pangolin.
You would first go to:
Remove your LP, and check if the underlying tokens (ETH, DAI, USDC or SUSHI) are worth more than the new bridge tokens. If so, then trade your old bridge tokens for the new version (new Avalanche bridge tokens have a .e after their name. Example: LINK.e, ETH.e, DAI.e
Once you swap (and earn a massive profit on your LP tokens), you can go back to add liquidity and create new LP tokens for the Igloos v2. These are the Igloos that will be featured from Day 1, many more will be added soon:

Step 3 - Option B (IMPORTANT: You may actually make more profit if you follow Option A shown above this step! Only follow this step if there is no price difference between the old bridge token and the new one. For example, if the ratio between LINK/LINK.e is 1/1.)

If your LP tokens are at a 1:1 value with the new bridge tokens or you prefer not to swap them as shown in Step 3, you can use the following tool:
  • *Note: If you acquired your old bridge tokens by swapping, it is recommended that you first check if you can swap directly for a free profit: SUSHI/SUSHI.e, ETH/ETH.e, DAI/DAI.e
Now that you have the correct form of LP you can stake:
  • ETH.e/AVAX
On the Igloos V2 page:
If you have PEFI/SUSHI or PEFI/DAI, these Igloos will be added in the coming days. In preparation, you can migrate to PEFI/SUSHI.e and PEFI/DAI.e.

If you have PEFI/PNG or PEFI/AVAX, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to and head over to the “Old (Igloos v1) section shown below:

Step 2

Select the pool you want to Migrate and click on the “Migrate” button.
All of your LP and pending harvests will be withdrawn with 0% fees.

Step 3: Go to the “New (V2)”

Click on Stake and deposit all of your existing LP for each pool. To learn more about how the Igloos work, check out our How to Use Igloos guide.
Once you've finished this step, you're all set! Sit back and enjoy those triple rewards.