Penguin Finance


Read about what our Penguins have to look forward to.
Our Roadmap is more of a checklist than it is a chronological list of plans. There's no particular order as to which developments will happen first, but it should give you a good idea of what the team has in mind for the future.

For Penguins, not Whales

It’s about making DeFi fun, accessible, and easy to use. At the end of the day, we believe decentralization is a core component of this vision and otherwise, the systems built today will become corrupted over time and exclude certain groups of people.
We’re committed to Avalanche and are restructuring our teams whilst onboarding talented new members to accomplish our vision to its full extent.

Penguin Launchpad V2: New IDOs

The state of Avalanche IDOs: Unfair, Unsafe, and Unsupportive.

Most launchpad platforms on Avalanche currently face the following issues:
  • Centralized token distribution, leading to unfair allocations between users.
  • Privacy is compromised. The cost to participate is your information, on a centralized database.
  • KYC is a barrier of entry to many DeFi users, as the services may not be available everywhere.
  • Disinterest in a project’s success after launch — VCs or team members dump the token.
  • Projects launching through these platforms are not properly supported by the launchpad platform.

Penguin Launchpad: Decentralized, fair, and secure.

After 8 months of developing on Avalanche, iPEFI has managed to become one of the most decentralized tokens on the ecosystem. We take pride in our distribution mechanisms, as these truly encompass our vision of decentralization. In contrast, the biggest fundraising protocol on the ecosystem has allocated 30% of tokens for team members or advisors.
Avalanche deserves proper fundraising that is safe and anonymous. There’s no need to compromise your information on a blockchain protocol that is helping you conceal it.

CryptoPuffies (NFTs)

Paving the road for Avalanche-native NFTs, CryptoPuffies will create massive hype across the ecosystem.
We’ve been hard at work to create hundreds of traits, backgrounds, and accessories. You’ll be able to farm with your Puffies to earn AVAX, PEFI, iPEFI, and more.
The collection has received Avalanche Rush incentives!
Expect CryptoPuffies listings & partnerships with major NFT marketplaces on Avalanche. Honorary Puffies will be distributed among Crypto influencers and the like to increase engagement.
Holding iPEFI prior to mint is recommended, so you better start accooomulating, anon.

CEX Listings

Multiple, back-to-back, CEX listing campaigns. We have the resources, we have the contacts, and we have the best community on Avalanche. We’re confident PEFI will be available on multiple centralized exchanges in the future.

Emperor V2

PEFI’s Penguin Emperor game is already the first of its kind and only king of the hill game on Avalanche, but many of you haven’t gotten to experience it.
We’re excited to officially make a comeback for this first quarter, with anti-whale mechanisms, NFT integration, and much more!
  • AVAX incentives: As part of the Penguin Rush, we’ll be sweetening the jackpot with AVAX. Directly from our Avalanche Rush incentives. 10% of all incentives are going to the Emperor game.
  • Play to earn. Yes, you read that right. Penguin Emperor 2.0 will have mechanics to reward you just for bidding. Random giveaways of PEFI tokens, and exclusive NFTs.

To Conclude

We’ve set the bar higher on Avalanche, and are now committed to breaking boundaries in other areas within the ecosystem. PeFi will always strive to stay ahead of the curve — what we create gets forked.
Waddle, waddle, quack. See you soon!