Penguin Finance

AB Bridge Guide - Ethereum to Avalanche

If you'd like to use your tokens on Ethereum to take advantage of the yield available on Penguin Finance you can use the new AB Bridge. The following bridge allows you to transfer & convert your ERC-20s from the Ethereum Network into ARC-20 tokens on Avalanche. If you'd like to learn more about how these .e Tokens work, check out our new .e Token explainer.

Step 1 - Access AB Bridge Portal

Step 2 - Choose the asset to bridge

  • Choose the asset you want to send to Avalanche
    Please note - if you are bridging ETH, you must first wrap your ETH (for WETH) on Uniswap.
  • Input the amount you would like to send.
If you send more than $75 worth of any token through the bridge, you'll receive an airdrop of 0.1 AVAX to cover gas costs.

Step 3 - Transfer and wait for confirmations

  • After clicking 'Transfer' - you will need to approve 2 transactions on Metamask (One to approve the contract and another to approve the transaction).
  • You will be sent to a Transaction Status page which shows you the confirmations on the Ethereum side and then the Avalanche side.
There will be an option to add the bridged token to your MetaMask eg. WETH.e

Step 4 - All done! Welcome to Avalanche

  • You can start by using Pangolin to exchange your funds into more AVAX which you will need for gas fees (with the airdrop you received).
  • Then head over to Penguin Finance to discover our ecosystem!