This FAQ page answers the most commonly asked questions our new Penguins have.

Is Penguin Finance safe?

See for yourself:
    Security Audits:
      Our Masterchef & Penguin Token contracts have been thoroughly audited both by paid developers from other DeFi projects and blockchain security firm Certik.
      You can check out the full report here.
      We’re fully open-source meaning that all of our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.
      Our contracts are verified on the AVAX Explorer, what you see is what you get.
    Security best practices:
      All of our contracts are behind a 24 hour time-lock to give our Penguins peace of mind. This means any change will go into effect the day after it's been pushed.
      Our team is anonymous to the public (identities shared with core team members @ Ava Labs) to ensure that no one can use personal information to potentially compromise the security of the project.

How can I stake PEFI?

You can stake your PEFI in the Penguin Nest to get iPEFI (staking token). Visit the Nest Page in our app.
Read our Penguin Nests Guide if you need a hand getting started.

How do I farm?

You can stake different LP token pairs in our Igloos (farms) to earn PEFI. Visit the Igloos Page in our app. Read our Penguin Igloos Guide if you're interested in learning how to farm them.

Where can I view the Penguin Finance roadmap?

You can view our new 2021 roadmap here. There's no particular timeline or order as to which developments will happen first.

When will you add more Igloos?

New Igloos will be added more frequently once we roll out our Igloos & Nests V2. We'll start adding lots of pairs from reputable projects in the Avalanche ecosystem.
Join the announcements Telegram group and Discord server to learn about new Igloos as early as possible.

Wen airdrop sir?

Whenever there is an official airdrop on Penguin Finance it will be announced along with the requirements. In order to keep a level playing field, all airdrop details are confidential. Rest assured we aren't in any rush to airdrop all of the respective allocation. Our airdrops will be distributed through several small key allocations over time to ensure our early investors aren't significantly impacted.
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