Penguin Finance


The CryptoPuffies short to mid-term roadmap.
The CryptoPuffies Roadmap consists of 4 phases. Phase 1 was the pre-sale and public sale of CryptoPuffies. Phase 2 introduces DeFi and GameFi into the CryptoPuffies ecosystem with our Igloo and Emperor integration. Phase 3 is focused on developing and strengthening our community through community activities, community merch, and focusing on Puff Fam gatherings. 💖 In phase 4, CryptoPuffies will have full-fledged gaming utility inside of the Penguin Arena play-to-earn game. Use your Puffy to battle against other players in a 1v1 PvP arena. Every Puffy has unique stats that will play a crucial role in their performance, with each NFT having its own strengths & weaknesses. We’ve already included several updates that were not included in any of the phases and we will continue to develop CryptoPuffies beyond its roadmap.