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Frequently asked questions for CryptoPuffies
What are CryptoPuffies? CryptoPuffies is a unique NFT collection consisting of 8888 algorithmically generated cute furry creatures. Powered by Avalanche, Puffies are minted and traded instantly, with sub-dollar transaction fees. Trade, game, and collect these NFTs with ease!
Who is the CryptoPuffy team? The Puffy team consists of the best talent from the OG Avalanche project, Penguin Finance! We've hand-picked the best designers and developers from the core team to make CryptoPuffies a reality.
Where can I mint? CryptoPuffies are able to be minted at
Where can I trade my CryptoPuffies? NFTrade, Kalao, and Yetiswap NFT Marketplace
What are the royalties for CryptoPuffies? Each CryptoPuffy will have a royalty of 5%, which will be sent to iPEFI token holders. This means that every time a Puffy is exchanged, 5% of that sale goes towards the Nest.
How many CryptoPuffies will I be able to mint? Members will be able to mint 10 Puffies per transaction and 200 Puffies per wallet!
How do I qualify for Whitelist? Users that participated in the Penguin Launchpad Kassandra DAO IDO or held 500+ iPEFI during the snapshot received a Golden Ticket for the whitelist.
What is the minting price for CryptoPuffies? 2 AVAX
What are the benefits of having your Best Friend/Nemesis pairs? The current benefit of having a pair of Best Friend Puffies is that they'll give you 3x the rewards when staked in the Igloo. Nemesis pairs currently do not have any utility (That's coming in our future updates) There will be additional benefits to both Best Friend and Nemesis pairs and information will be released once we're ready to deploy the update!
If the mint counter shows 4,444; Which Puffy will be minted next? The Puffy that will be minted next is 4,445. It will always be 1 number greater than the counter.