Penguin Finance

Penguin Team

Development Team

Frostbyte (Co-Founder)
FrostByte is Penguin Finance's project manager. He is in charge of the hiring process, accounting, and other administrative tasks. He's also involved in the development of both frontend and backend applications.
CryptoBanker (Smart Contract Wizard)
CryptoBanker is a seasoned veteran in Solidity. He's developed several DeFi protocols on Ethereum and has reported several vulnerabilities to top-tier projects. In addition, he's behind Penguin Finance's secure, gas efficient, and unique contracts.
He's also participated in defining PEFI's tokenomics and the mechanisms behind our dApps.
Optisman (Lead Frontend Developer)
Optisman manages the development and maintenance of PeFi's websites. He's a top-tier developer with vast experience within decentralized finance. Be it night or day, Optisman can handle any last-minute emergency with ease. Optisman is also an avid Solidity developer with tremendous output.
Peter (Frontend Engineer)
Peter has many years of experience within the cryptocurrency space. Specifically within the development of superb front-end applications, creating intuitive and classy UI elements, APIs, and more. Peter has enabled penguins to enjoy the best UI on Avalanche.

Art & Brand Team

Cody Maverick (Co-Founder)
Cody Maverick specializes in marketing and design. He manages social media accounts, giveaways and gives the Art team direction to maintain PeFi's renowned brand image through astonishing graphics, motion videos, and social engagement. Mar (Graphic Designer)
Mar has been a designer for Penguin Finance since release, and for a good reason. She's a creative 2D artist that has drastically improved our branding by creating logos, artworks, stickers, and a clean user interface that help Penguin Finance distinguish itself from other crypto projects in the space. She also assists in art direction as her design decisions help keep the brand congruent and lively. Cris (Graphic Designer)
Cris is a talented graphic designer specializing in 2D art. We incorporate her artworks into our brand and social media posts. She's the creative genius behind our new PEFI logo and mind-blowing Twitter banner, as well as the artworks present throughout the documentation. VicenzoStudio (3D Artist & Animator)
VicenzoStudio is a 3D animation/design mastermind that has been with us ever since Penguin Finance had floating astronaut penguins on the website. Playing a crucial role in creating our teaser videos, marketing content and collectible penguin NFTs, he gives our Penguins life and personality. NaotaMax (3D Artist)
NaotaMax is a creative 3D artist & video editor. He is responsible for the epic meme edits we've released, and he helps model 3D scenarios used in our motion videos.

Community Team

We also have several team members that help run our channels, build alliances, and further our mission. They are:
Kerzoq (French/English Community Manager)
Kerzoq is great at thinking outside the box. He provides support and explanations for anyone who asks in our Telegram and Discord channels. His input has been key for determining many mechanisms within the Penguin Ecosystem. Finally, he's involved in striking new deals for the Club Penguin.
Burak (Turkish Community Manager)
Burak is an energetic, self-driven individual committed to furthering the Penguin Vision all over the world. His positive energy and willingness to pitch in warms the heart of all penguins. He's a savvy marketer and a deal maker. Burak allows us to stay ahead of the news, foreseeing market events and other externalities within the DeFi ecosystem.
Volkonik (French Community Manager)
Volkonik's ambition and input allow Penguin Finance to grow day by day. He's helped introduce many projects and users to the Penguin Ecosystem. He's also hosted AMAs and other community activities to further Penguin Finance's incredible French Community.
Yuri (Turkish Community Manager)
Yuri is a committed, analytical manager for our Turkish channels & social media accounts. He often strikes deals with prominent figures in the Turkish crypto scene that help drive exposure of the project and form partnerships/events that benefit Penguin Finance. By coordinating AMAs, giveaways, and meetings, Yuri has drastically improved our reach within the Turkish community.
Alex R. (Spanish Community Manager)
Alejandro is an experienced entrepreneur with ample experience in both cryptocurrencies and business management as a whole. Apart from providing penguins with timely help and kindness, Alejandro has landed dozens of deals in favor of Penguin Finance, helped improve documentation to reduce friction in terms of onboarding, and provides essential ideas for the growth of the project.
Forest Keeper (Community & Marketing))
Forest is a proven marketer experienced in promoting both ideas and products. Through his extensive knowledge in social media marketing, user metrics, SEO, and social engagement, Forest has enabled us to reach new penguins regardless of their geographical location.
He's also enabled us to discover new projects and individuals who can push forward with the Penguin Vision.