Penguin Finance

Our mission

Decentralized finance has gone through great lengths in terms of advancing financial freedom and access to financial instruments which were previously only accessible to a select group of people, restricted by political boundaries and government bureaucracy. Ever since the inception of Ethereum, Smart Contracts have enabled individuals on opposite sides of the world to settle agreements and reach consensus in a safe and frictionless way.
Although the complexity of these tools has continued to grow exponentially, the billions of people who need DeFi the most have been somewhat excluded from the system indirectly because of a lack of documentation and the high technicality required to understand/use most financial products that have been developed. Due to the rising popularity of such tools, a barrier of entry has been created where small transactions are disincentivized and users with lower amounts of capital can't afford to pay for the gas fees needed to interact with the Smart Contracts.
Penguin Finance was created as a solution to both the high-technicality requirements and exclusion created by high gas fees. Native to the Avalanche Network, PeFi utilizes AVAX's sub-1-second confirmation times and extremely low fees to bring DeFi to a wider range of people. That's why we're creating the most intuitive designs, documentation, and tutorials; so that anyone can join the Penguin Ecosystem to better increase their wealth and options.
PeFi is being built by both experts in software development and business-minded individuals who'll be able to bring these tools to the masses with great code, marketing, tutorials, and partnerships.
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