Penguin Finance

Intro to Penguin Finance

For Penguins, by Penguins.

Penguin Finance helps you maximize your yield through a full-fledged ecosystem with yield-aggregation, farming, staking, fundraising, and gaming dApps.

It's basically DeFi on steroids.

The leading Avalanche-native DeFi Hub 🐧

Low fees & sub-second transactions

Why pay or wait more for your gains? Penguin Finance runs on the Avalanche network, a much faster and cheaper blockchain than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Learn more here.


We would never compromise decentralization for speed, which is why we chose Avalanche. Other blockchains that boast near-instant transaction speeds such, as Binance Smart Chain, have less than 25 blockchain validators, while Avalanche has over 1000 (sources: 1 2).

Earn free crypto 💸

Earn PEFI and other Avalanche-native tokens with OP interest rates.

Passively earn PEFI by holding iPEFI

Stake PEFI in the Nest to receive iPEFI. Watch as the iPEFI:PEFI ratio grows each day, meaning your PEFI equivalent is constantly increasing. There is no risk of impermanent loss and you don't need to worry about actively tracking your funds.

Earn multiple rewards with our revolutionary Igloos V2

Stake your LP tokens to earn PEFI + other Avalanche-native tokens! At Penguin, we are able to offer competitively-high APRs thanks to our upgraded Igloos V2 which offer multiple rewards! The first of its kind in the DeFi ecosystem. Many of our igloos already offer QUADRA rewards!
You take on a little more exposure to market volatility than with our iPEFI Nest but have the option to earn higher APRs in the process.

Trade PEFI for discounted tokens through the Penguin Launchpad

If you're an iPEFI holder, you can participate in the Penguin Launchpad: The first and fairest fundraising protocol on Avalanche! We are proud to offer the most user-friendly launchpad experience which allows smaller token holders to participate as well. No KYC is required since we truly value decentralization.
Penguin has a rigorous vetting process for all Launchpad candidates; to ensure that we only offer the best investment opportunities for our community.

Earn free tokens through Club Penguin

Earn other Avalanche-native tokens by staking your iPEFI in the Club Penguin. Think of it as "stakeception" with complete immunity from market fluctuations.

Play ⚔️

Start gaming in the Penguin Ecosystem and win rewards in the process

Penguin Emperor

Steal the throne and compete with other Penguins to have the most time on it at the end of the round. The top Penguins are rewarded with an iPEFI jackpot.
All iPEFI holders benefit from Penguin Emperor, since a portion of the fees is directed to the nest.

Penguin NFTs

Earn collectible NFTs by participating in our dApps. So far, we've airdropped NFTs to participants of our COVID-Relief Emperor charity event, our Sherpa, Boo Finance and Binary Cat Launchpads.
All our NFTs have been built to have special utility in the Penguin ecosystem.

Penguin Arena

Our most anticipated upcoming gaming dApp yet. We will publish more details through our socials very soon.

Is Penguin Finance safe?

We believe in cyber security and that’s why we have many different procedures in place to ensure that our contracts and web application are safe. Find more details here.
Are you ready? Get started and waddle to the moon! 🐧🚀
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